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Sodium Lauroamphoacetate 

CAS No.:156028-14-7        

Amphoteric surfactant

Appearance:Yellowish liquid

Sodium Lauroamphoacetate 

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CAS No.: 156028-14-7        

Other Names: Sodium Lauroamphoacetate          

Solid Content:30%-37%

Appearance: Yellowish liquid 


Amphoacetate can be used together with all kinds of anion, cation and non-ionic surfactants. The product is mild amnio acid surfactants, the ingredients of which are consistent with the skin. It can be used with anion surfactants to lower the overall irritation significantly. Stable in strong acid, strong alkali or neutral environments. Electrolyte-resistant and good foamability. The ideal choice of mild personal care products.


  • High purity and low color

  • Excellent foamability

  • Can be used with anion surfactants to lower the whole formulation's irritation

  • Excellent thickening effect and stabilizing ability to the formulation

  • Especially suitable for shampoos, bath washes, dishwashing detergents. 

TEST ITEM                               SPECIFICATION            
Appearance                               yellowish liquid      
Solid content%                              33.0~37.0           
Water%                                          63.0~67.0              
PH value(1 %aq)                             7.0-10.0             
Salt content %                                9.5Max              
Free Amine  %                                1.0Max             



160KG net drum 

For small quantity samples or orders, we can ship by courier like DHL, FedEx door to door.
For large quantities, Air or Sea both are available, as customized.

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