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Surfactant for Glyphosate

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Surfactant for glyphosate

We’ve all been there: you spray weeds hoping your application takes care of the problem, only to realise a few days later that your hard work has gone without reward and weeds remain. This can be especially frustrating when you are treating a large area of weeds that are threatening other plants. The longer they stay, the more destructive they can be. It seems that the only solution is to reapply more herbicide merely, but a more natural, safer, a cheaper fix is available: adding a surfactant to the mix.

The biological efficacy of glyphosate, perhaps more than any other herbicide, can be very dependent on the surfactant in the spray solution. Tallow amine polyoxyethylene ether (TAE) is the most common surfactant for glyphosate, but the side effect also noticeable: TAE surfactant irritating human skin and eyes, highly toxic to aquatic organisms. More and more people aware this problem. In fact, countries start to ban herbicides that combine glyphosate and the surfactant tallowamine.

Therefore alkyl polyglucoside based compound getting more trend in Glyphosate surfactant market as their major raw material are from nature source(corn,coconut and palm kernel oil)which is more eco-friendly compare to other surfactants. Most importantly Their cost is much lower than tallowamine or silicone surfactant.

Glyphosate Surfactant 0810-A is low viscosity, non-ionic wetting additive, The main ingredient made from natural raw materials, which is degradable and safe to the environment. Different from single APG only has limited performance as an adjuvant, 0810 series surfactants have 4-5 ingredients to responsible for dispersion, penetration, rain resistance, etc. to improve overall performance and compatibility.

0810 series surfactants can lower production cost for Glyphosate compares to traditional tallow amine adjuvant or Silicone based adjuvant. Also due to unique ingredients, the finished product will be much stable than use Silicone based adjuvants. Properties: Proper hydration to give time for Glyphosate transfer from leaves to roots of the weed Good resolvable in cold water make the whole formulating process easier. Good solubility in the full range of pH Value. Excellent compatibility with other surfactants. Ensure all the ingredients in formulation coordinated. Suitable for most parts of the world. Lower cost for finish product. Eco-friendly to environment

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