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Alkyl Polyglucoside series overview

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Alkyl polyglucosides (APG) is a relatively new generation of commercially available environmentally friendly, mild, low-toxic, less-irritating and readily biodegradable surfactants.Act as detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, solubilisers and foaming agents.

Alkyl Polyglucoside series

In cosmetic, APG surfactant is used to formulate Shampoo, Face wash, Hand wash, Shower gel and many more cleansing products for skin and hair. The raw material derived from glucose derivatives and fatty alcohols. Have minimal impact on the environment while efficiently maintaining the standard of cleaning and hygiene.

Since the properties, Alkyl polyglucoside become very important as high-performance components for cosmetic preparations due to their excellent environmental and skin compatibility.

The carbon chain difference made Aklyl polyglucoside up to rough dozens of different products. For example, Decyl Glucoside formed by C8-10 and C12-C14 carbon chain alcohol. ​​Other alkyl glucoside ingredients that may use in cosmetics include Coco Glucoside(C8-10 and C12-C14 ratio different with decyl glucoside), Hexyl Glucoside (C6), Lauryl Glucoside (C12-C14), Iso Octyl Glucoside (C8), Capryl/Caprylyl Glucoside(C8-C10).These Products are free from 1-4 dioxane which is carcinogenic.

APG products showed low irritation to human skin and eyes. When formulated with anionic surfactants, APG products can reduce the irritation of the anionic surfactants.

Alkyl Polyglucoside irritation comparison

Method:20 people tested by epidermal coating test method for 24 hours. Concentration of APG: 1% active. The pH value of APG samples tested was neutral.

APG were low toxic and readily biodegradable, had little impact to the environment. APG products were finally biodegraded to H2O and CO2.

Alkyl Polyglycosides showed good surface tension reduction ability. The surface tension of 1% aqueous solution of APG products at 25℃ can be among 26.1 to 27.5mN/m. Compared to traditional surfactants, APG can reduce surface tension effectively.

Wetting property is influenced by several factors. Molecule (or particle) size of surfactants and its surface active ability are two of most important factors. APG0810(Capryl/Caprylyl Glucoside) shows better surface active ability and smaller molecule size in APG products. So APG0810 shows superior wetting property.

Alkyl Polyglucoside wetting time

The tests of wetting property were carried out for 1% active content at 25 ℃ by immersion method based on ISO8022:1990 MOD. The shorter immersion time is, the better wetting property it performs.

Over periods of time consumers have become aware of advantages of using alkyl polyglucoside based products. Increasing demand for safe and eco-friendly products from the consumers, Alkyl Polyglucoside surfactants products are growing popular day-by-day, and need for its use is rising worldwide.

The attributes of Alkyl Polyglycosides are as follows :

1. Made from natural raw materials, Readily biodegradable

2. Safe and eco-friendly, Mild, low-toxic, low-irritating

3. Superior wetting properties, low surface tension

4. Excellent compatibility with all other types of surfactants

5. Tolerant of high electrolyte formulations

6. Excellent foaming power

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