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Personal Hygiene

Cocamide DEA

CAS No.: 68603-42-9   

Nonionic Surfactant

CDEA , 6501   

Appearance: Yellow viscous liquid

Cocamide DEA

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Quick Details

CAS No.:68603-42-9       

Other Names: CDEA,6501         

Active Content: 78% Min  

Appearance: Yellow viscous liquid



CDEA is a nonionic surfactant which has no cloud point. It is easy to dissolve in water.

Excellent decontamination, wetting, cleaning, dispersion, anti-hard water, and antistatic properties .Perfect thickening, foaming, foam-stabilizing, and derusting abilities.
When compounded with other anionic surfactants, such as LABSA (LAS), its foaming ability is obviously improved, and the foam is more abundant, stable, and long-lasting. Washing effect is also enhanced.



Cocamide DEA can be added to shampoo and hand washing products to stabilize foam, thicken the liquid, and reduce skin irritation.

Cocamide DEA has a wide range of applications in liquid detergents, shampoos, dishwashing detergents, liquid soaps, fiber modifiers, wool cleansers, metal rinsers, shoe polishes, and printing inks.


TEST ITEM                                  SPECIFICATIONS       

Appearance (25℃)                  Yellow viscous liquid
Color, Hazen                                      ≤500
pH (1%, 10% ethanol solution)        9.5-10.5 
Free amine value, mgKOH/g             ≤30 
Amine content, %                                ≥80
Petroleum ether solute, %                 ≤7.0
Glycerine, %                                       ≤10.0


200KG drum,1000KG IBC.

For small quantity samples or orders, we can ship by courier like DHL, FedEx door to door.
For large quantities, Air or Sea both are available, as customized.

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