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Piroctone Olamine

Piroctone Olamine

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Quick Details

CAS No.:68890-66-4

Other Name: OCT

Appearance: White or slightly yellow crystalline powder



Piroctone Olamine is an anti-dandruff active ingredient, soothes the inflamed scalp and reduces flaking. It has a specific action against Pityrosporum Ovale, the agent responsible for the production of dandruff. The anti-dandruff product containing Piroctone Olamine destroys the fungus infection that is responsible for dandruff and works against the formation of new dandruff, makes the scalp stays clean, itch-free and prevents the formation of new dandruff.

​Application: Antidandruff agent, preservative, thickening, and agent for the elimination of body offensive smell.The recommended amount of Piroctone OlamineWash-Free product:0.01-0.05%;Wash-Off product:0.3-0.4%


TEST ITEM                                      SPECIFICATIONS

Appearance               White or slightly yellow crystalline powder

PH                                                     9.0-10.0 Heavy metals                                 10 PPM max Melting point                                 133-136 ℃ Drying loss                                      0.3% max Ash(SO4)                                         0.2% max

Purity(HPLC)                                   99.0%min


1 kg/ foil bag ; 25 kg/ drum.
For small quantity samples or orders, we can ship by courier like DHL, FedEx door to door.For large quantities, Air or Sea both are available, as customized.

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