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CAS No.: 70321-63-0         

Other Names: Oils, lanolin    

Appearance:A light yellow to brown, sticky, clear liquid with characteristic odor 


   lanolin oil used for the preparation of cosmetics and pharmaceutical ointments, also used in leather and fur industry. Also used as a corrosion inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor, lanolin is a natural water protectant, lanolin keep skin moisture, supplements nutrition, lanolin has the water absorbability, apply to the skin moisturizing, smooth, soft skin care cosmetics, such as and fatliquoring agent can be used as a soap and toilet soap, bath oil, sunscreen and other auxiliary cosmetics; Also apply for cosmetics pigment dispersant.


Item                                          Specification     
Iodine Value
g/100g                           20-40    
Color by Gardner                             <=9
Acid Value
,mg KOH/g                       <=2.0

Saponification Value,mg KOH/g             90-110

Cloud Point                                      <=20

Ash content                                 <=0.15%

Loss on drying                               <=0.5%

Water-soluble acids & alkalis               Complies EP

Water-soluble oxidizable substance      Complies EP

Chlorine                                     Complies EP

Paraffin                                          <=1%


50KG net drum

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