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CAS No.: 101-83-7       

Other Names: DCHA            

Solid Content: 99% Min   

Appearance: Colorless liquid

Dicyclohexylamine is a secondary amine with the chemical formula HN(C6H11)2. It is a colorless liquid, although commercial samples can appear yellow. It has a fishy odor, typical for amines. It is sparingly soluble in water. As an amine, it is an organic base and useful precursor to other chemicals.



Dicyclohexylamine has applications that are similar to those of cyclohexylamine, namely the production of:

  • antioxidants in rubber and plastics

  • vulcanization accelerators for rubber

  • corrosion inhibitors in steam pipes and boilers

  • agrochemicals

  • textile chemicals

  • catalysts for flexible polyurethane foams

Items/Lot:                  specification                         Typical
Appearance:       colorless and transparent     colorless and transparent
Assay:                           99% min.                          99.42%
Aniline:                          0.1% max.                         0.001%
Water:                           0.3% max.                         0.08%
Cyclohexylamine:            0.10% max.                        0.01%
Cyclohexanol:                 0.10% max.                        0.01%
Cyclohexane:                  0.10% max.                       0.001%
Color(Hazen):                    50 max.                            30

190kg net drums(15.2MT/20’FCL with pallets) or 900kg net tote(18MT/20’FCL) or ISO tank(20MT each)

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