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CAS No.: 108-91-8      
Appearance Colorless liquid

Cyclohexylamine is an organic compound, belonging to the aliphatic amine class. It is a colorless liquid, although like many amines, samples are often colored due to contaminants. It has a fishy odor and is miscible with water. Like other amines, it is a weak base, compared to strong bases such as NaOH, but it is a stronger base than its aromatic analog, aniline.
 It is a useful intermediate in the production of many other organic compounds. It is a metabolite of cyclamate

Items/Lot#:                     Spec                           Typical
Appearance:          colorless transparent liquid         conforms
Assay:                        99.30% min.                    99.90%
Dicyclohexylamine:          0.10% max.                   0.01%
Aniline:                        0.10% max.                    0.001%
Cyclohexanol:                0.10% max.                   0.001%
Cyclohexane:                0.10% max.                    0.01%
Moisture:                     0.20% max.                    0.07%
Color(Hazen):                   20max.                        15

170kg net drums(13.6MT/20’FCL) or ISO Tank(20MT each)

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