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CAS No.: 54549-25-6          

Other Names: APG 10              

Solid Content: 50%   

Appearance: Light yellow liquid


Capryl Glucoside is a nonionic surfactant which is made from natural raw materials, natural alcohols and glucose derived from plants. Its superior properties include: detergency, wetting, dispersing and surface tension reduction, compatibility, especially foaming property. It also exhibits excellent alkaline and electrolyte resistance and can hydrotrope other ingredients. 
Capryl Glucoside is also a good choice for industrial and institutional cleaners, especially for hard surface cleaning and processing for its high alkaline stability and hydrotroping ability.
Capryl Glucoside can be formulated in bubble water as a foam agent



Capryl Glucoside
ITEM                                       Spec Limit                                 Test Method
Solid content (%)                     50.0-52.0                               GB/T 19464(5.4)
Water (%)                               48.0-50.0                            100%-%Solid matter
pH value (10% aq.)                  11.5-12.5                                   GB/T 6368
Free fatty alcohol (%)                 <1.0                                   GB/T 19464(5.7/A)
Sulfate ash content (%)              <3.0                                     GB/T 19464(5.6)

Viscosity(mPa.s 20℃)          2000-4000                                   GB/T 15357 


220KG net drum or 1100KG IBC

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