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Disodium Coco-Glucoside Sulfosuccinate

CAS No.: 151911-53-4              

Anionic surfactant 

Appearance: Colorless to yellowish liquid

Disodium Coco-Glucoside Sulfosuccinate

Disodium Coco-Glucoside Sulfosuccinate

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Quick Details

CAS No.: 151911-53-4            
Other Names: APG-SS          
Solid Content: ≥35%   
Appearance: Colorless to yellowish liquid


APG-SS is an anionic surfactant derived from alkyl polyglycoside. It has excellent safety, mild, and biocompatibility of glycoside products and superior water solubility, foaming, and biodegradability of sulfonyl succinate products,

In addition to being non-irritating to skin and eyes, APG-SS is also suitable as an active ingredient in personal care products such as shampoo and body wash. As a result, formulation products will be kinder to the skin, and the skincare (hair) conditioning properties of the formulations will be improved.

APG-SS can be applied to personal care products like cosmetics, facial cleansers, hand cream, Shampoo, shower gel, etc, and laundry products like laundry detergent, highly concentrated liquid detergent, multifunctional household detergent, tableware detergent, hotel linen detergent. Other uses for APG SS include textiles, industrial cleaning, etc.   


ITEM                                       Spec Limit                                 Test Method
Solid content (%)                        ⩾35                                      GB/T 19464(5.3)
pH value (1% aq.)                        6-7                                       GB/T 19464(5.4)



220KG net drum or 1100KG IBC

For small quantity samples or orders, we can ship by courier like DHL, FedEx door to door.
For large quantities, Air or Sea both are available, as customized.

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