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APG0810 LF/Capryl   

CAS No.: 68515-73-1

EINECS: 500-220-1        

C8-10 Alkyl Glucoside             

Non-ionic surfactant 

Appearance: Dark Amber


Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside   ​APG0810 LF

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Quick Details

CAS No.: 68515-73-1          

Other Names: C8-10 Alkyl Glucoside,decyl octyl glycosides    

Solid Content: 70%   

Appearance: Dark Amber


    APG0810LF is based on C8-10 Alkyl Polyglucoside,acts as a dispersing, penetrating and wetting, Effectively decrease the surface tension of water coating, accelerate its spread, and lower production cost,

   APG0810LF also will help glyphosate to directly absorbed through foliar stomata, This fast absorption can reduce the volatilization of herbicide after foliar treatment, and can prevent the herbicide from being washed by rain, especially suit for coastal areas or rainy seasons.



  • Proper hydration to give time for Glyphosate transfer from leaves to roots of the weed

  • Good resolvable in cold water make the whole formulating process easier.

  • Good solubility in the full range of pH Value.

  • Excellent compatibility with other surfactants.

  • Ensure all the ingredients in formulation coordinated.

  • Suitable for rainy seasons

  • Lower cost for the finished product.

  • Eco-friendly to environment


APG 0810 LF
ITEM                                       Spec Limit                                 Test Method
Solid content (%)                     68.0-72.0                               GB/T 19464(5.4)
Water (%)                                  28.0-32.0                            100%-%Solid matter
Free fatty alcohol (%)                 <1.0                                   GB/T 19464(5.7/A)
Sulfate ash content (%)              <3.0                                     GB/T 19464(5.6)



220KG net drum or 1100KG IBC

For small quantity samples or orders, we can ship by courier like DHL, FedEx door to door.
For large quantities, Air or Sea both are available, as customized.

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